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Two weeks before Kessler resigned Dr. Robert Moser, NutraSweet spokesman,
declared no scientific evidence was ever found to implicate aspartame as
the cause of seizures.  An Atlanta activist group, Mission Possible,
announced Tuesday FDA had conclusive evidence all along, but chose to
ignore it, and Kessler approved NutraSweet as a general sweetener for
all foods in June.  But now it appears that the S.S. NutraSweet has hit the
iceberg and Monsanto's First Mate David Kessler has just jumped overboard.
FDA designated 15 of the studies upon which NutraSweet approval was granted
as "Pivotal Studies".  One study proved Dr. Moser wrong.


         Seven monkeys were divided into 3 dosage groups.
         "52 Weeks" was actually 204 to 364 days.
         Data was "lost" on the monkey which died
         One monkey, P53, had "congenital physical deficiencies"
             resulting in "poor growth due to inappetance."
             Data on this one was also "lost".
         "limitations in adequately skilled laboratory personnel
         contributed to our decision to eliminate the requirement
         of a control group in this study." says the report.

What happened to the little monkeys?

     "All animals in the medium and high dosage groups exhibited
     seizure activity.  The seizures were of the grand mal type.
     One monkey, M38, died after 300 days.  The cause of death
     was not determined."

The report continues: "Following the termination of treatment, medium and
high dose monkeys were kept under observation for three months on powdered
Similac.  No further convulsions were detected." The study makes this
conclusion:   "The convulsions in the monkeys are correlated with and can
be attributed to high serum phenylalanine levels."  This Pivotal Study
proved aspartame triggers gran mal seizures in monkeys. The seizures
stopped when aspartame was discontinued.  They took the "No-Aspartame
Test and got well.   Medical testing on monkeys, labratories and studies all
cost money... even if the reports are doctored (pun intended) so the human
race is now unwittingly paying for follow-on tests, and the grevious results
of this aspatame poisoning.

The late Dr. Adrian Gross, FDA Toxicologist, summed up separate test,
on rats, and listed 14 blunders, including:

     Unreported tumors.  Incomplete examinations.
     Missing batch records.  Hiding deaths.
     Destroying rats before they could be completely analyzed.
     Mixing foods so rats could avoid the aspartame.
     Resurrecting dead rats on paper.

Dr. Jacqueline Verrett, FDA toxicologist testified in 1987 in U.S. Senate
hearing that the tests were a disaster, should have been thrown out; and
data in the study was worthless.  She said:  "(aspartame) was too unstable
to be used in hot preparations, hot liquids and also diet drinks."

The soft drink companies knew in advance aspartame degrades into toxic
components, and protested to Congress in l983.  Five pages of their
objections were printed in the Senate Congressional Record on May 7, 1985:


  "Objection One: Searle has not demonstrated that aspartame and its
   degradation products are safe for use in soft drinks
   ... Aspartame is inherently, markedly and uniquely unstable"

However, the greatest evidence is in the bodies of thousands of aspartame
victims, well known to the FDA.  In l995 FDA listed 10,000 complaints with
92 symptoms including seizures, blindness and death.  75% of all
complaints to the agency on additives are on aspartame.  This report is
available only through Freedom of Information as FDA conceals
anti-aspartame data.

FDA Commissioner Arthur Hayes, Jr. who approved NutraSweet, overruled the
Public Board of Inquiry established to investigate the safety of the
product.  Hayes later resigned to work for NutraSweet's (Searle) public
relations firm while he was under investigation for accepting gratuities.

The fraudulent tests that ended up approving NutraSweet were so corrupt
that Federal prosecution was initiated against Searle.  But the government
prosecutors switched sides to hire on with the defense attorneys and the
case died when the statute of limitations expired.  NutraSweet (Searle)
was bought by Monsanto in l985.

The foregoing depressing events are but the scum on top of the cesspool of
scandal surrounding aspartame, a recognized neurotoxin that now finds a
place on every restaurant table and in millions of homes worldwide.  It
must end.  We must proclaim it from the housetops, one to another until
the bell of freedom from the scourge of aspartame rings clear in all

We, citizens of the world, to defend the lives and health of all mankind,
hereby demand that ASPARTAME (NutraSweet, Equal, Spoonful, etc.) be
immediately and forever banned.  It is a chemical poison.  It causes
seizures, depression, brain damage, , memory loss, headaches, blindness,
tumors, birth defects, infertility and abortions, is escalating Alzheimers
and causes DEATH!  Murder by chemistry must fall!

A partial list of doctors and organizations supporting the recall of
aspartame (NutraSweet) follows:

Partial List of Supporters for the RECALL of Aspartame Physicians and organizations around the world support the recall of NutraSweet and as space permits they are: H. J. Roberts, M.D., Board Certified Internist and author of publications, books and tapes on the dangers of NutraSweet. Included in Who's Who in America, Who's Who in the World, Who's Who in Science and Technology and THE BEST DOCTORS IN THE US. Office (407) 832-2408 Publications: 1 800-814-9800. Russell Blaylock, M.D., Neurosurgeon and author of EXCITOTOXINS; THE TASTE THAT KILLS (601) 982-1175, Office - Health Press - 1-800-643-2665) Neal D. Barnard, M.D., President, Physicians Committee for Responsible Medicine, Washington, D.C. (202)686-2210 Community Nutrition Institute, Washington, D. C. , Ron Leonard, (202) 776-0596 Virgil Hulse, M.D., MPH, FAACPM, Dairy Scientist, Cancer Epidemiologist and Researcher, Author of MAD COWS AND MILK GATE PRIONS (503) 535-4010 Robert Cohen, Filed suit against the FDA for failure to release under Freedom of Information, the rest of the data on Monsanto's bovine growth hormone (201) 599-0325 Frank Swoboda, POB 37 A -1164, Vienna, Austria (Filed criminal charges against Austria for allowing NutraSweet in the country. Citizens for Health, 1 800-357-2211 Pure Food Campaign, Washington, D.C., and Little Marais, Mn. 55614, Ronnie Cummins (218) 226-4164) Patricia Ziliani- Mission Possible, Australia, Nutritional Counsellor and Massage Therapist, Womens Health Advisory Service N.S.W. Australia Dr. Sandra Cabot - MB.BS D.R.O.C.G. Director International Womens Health Network, Australia. Well known author and media personality & publisher of womens health books. Author of 1996 bestseller :"Liver Cleansing Diet". Women's Network on Health and The Environment, 736 Bathurst Street, Toronto, Ontario, Canada MSS ZR4 Mrs. Theresa Puchta *** Entry OMITTED due to political/economic PRESSURE on this Doctor *** Mission Possible Canada, (John Linnell) 508 - 40 Bay Mills Blvd, Scarborough, Ontario MIT3PS FAX 416 -754-1225 Captain Frederick M. Fox, Large Airline Company, Grounded 9/26/95 (atrial fibrillation, arrhythmia, pulmonary edema -- triggered by NutraSweet) Spokesman to remove this deadly toxin from aviation for the safety of passengers worldwide (714) 856-9041 Reinstated Barbara Alexander Mullarkey, Anti-aspartame journalist and author of Bittersweet Aspartame: A Diet Delusion (708) 848-0116 Alex Constantine, journalist, author of "NutraPoison, Psychic Dictatorship in U.S.A." and "Virtual Government: CIA Mind Control Operations in America", to be released by Feral House in the Spring of 1997. U. S. McLibel Support Campaign, David Briars James F. Ransdell, M.D. 475 Edwards, Winters, California 95694 Mrs. Bernice Raiford in memory of Morgan Raiford, M.D., specialist in methanol toxicity who diagnosed patients who went blind on NutraSweet in the 80's, and devoted his life to removal of aspartame from the marketplace. Dr. Joe Espisto, Marietta, Georgia (770) 427-7387 (lectures on the dangers of NutraSweet) Richard Wilson in memory of wife, Joyce, who went blind and died from NutraSweet -(770) 474-2210 Until her death, Aspartame Victims And Their Friends of Georgia. Dr. Erik Millstone, Science Policy Research Unit, Mantell Bldg, Sussex University, Brighton BN1 9RF England Denise Nativel, Pharmacist, Diabetes Educator and Counsellor, South Africa (DNative1@Bankmed.co.ZA) Committee member of Western Cape Branch of the South AFrican Diabetes Assoc. In memory of William Randolph who recently died, victim of NutraSweet poisoning, and all others who have perished from this toxin. Doctors the world over who daily warn patients off NutraSweet, including two special ones from Greece! Dr. Costas Giannakenas MD, Nuclear Physician, Patras, Greece. WWW sites containing information about aspartame: Mark Gold, research for Mission Possible (617) 497-7843 http://www.holisticmed.com/aspartame Huge site on aspartame and other bad news subjects. World Health News, P. O. Box 660153, Atlanta, Georgia 30366 Return to Eden, 2335 Cheshire Bridge Road, Atlanta, Georgia 30324 (compiled and distributed the Killer Kola brochure, entirely written on NutraSweet). Lic. Manuel Morales Guillaumi, Mission Possible Mexico, 01152 (93) 162810, Circuito Planetario 118-201, Villahermosa, Tabasco 86035 Mexico Dr. Ron Austin, Norwalk, California (author of the brochure - NUTRASWEET, FRIEND OR FOE) (310) 929-3650 Mission Possible Holland, Ed Gunneweg, Postbus 28029, 3039 B B Rotterdam, Holland Mission Possible Canada, (John Linnell) 508 - 40 Bay Mills Blvd, Scarborough, Ontario MIT3PS FAX (416) 754-1225 Patricia Ziliani - Mission Possible Australia .Nutritional Counsellor and massage therapist, Womens Health Advisory Service N.S.W. Australia Dave Rietz who spent 11 shattered years on NutraSweet. Now devotes the money once wasted on doctors... for a web page dedicated to telling the world - http://www.dorway.com Now 450+ pages with links to other sites and books! And the hundreds of thousands of volunteer activists the world over working diligently daily, and working free to warn the world. A particular thank you to Eva Jones and Elaine Fitchpatrick of Atlanta, Georgia for work above and beyond the call of duty, and Janice and Peter Britos who fly packets around the world to air traffic controls to warn pilots and saturate the globe with warning flyers. December brings to a close our 1996 HANDS AROUND THE WORLD CAMPAIGN, and we pray a close to the mass poisoning of the American Public and more than 90 countries of the world! Mrs. Betty Martini, Founder Mission Possible Worldwide (warning the world NutraSweet is a deadly poison) bettym19@mindspring.com
All MP Information Is here at DORway, on the
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