What is Mission Possible?

Mission Possible is an Atlanta, Georgia based organization founded and run by Mrs. Betty Martini. Since 1993 Betty has worked ceaselessly to spread the word that aspartame is a toxic poison unfit for human consumption... a slow neurotoxin that is especially bad for diabetics. Many of the letters, news releases, and messages she has initiated and assembled can be found here at DORway, to be downloaded and disseminated as you see fit.

Mission Possible developed a flyer (or this same file as mpflyer.txt) equating the FDA approval of the disastrous drug "thalidomide" with what THEY call a "safe food additive". This flyer was done in 1994, so many of the numbers have changed. Some resources indicate that aspartame may be in over 9000 items of food and drink. How something that, according to one source, Searle once tried to peddle as a peptic ulcer DRUG can become a safe food additive is pure magic (perhaps a better description might be "hocus pocus"?).

Please look over our new tri-fold pamphlet (or this same file as pamphlet.txt) that we developed which provides an excellent overview of this subject. If you become convinced that you or a loved one has been a victim of aspartame poisoning, please fill out and submit this report form, and PLEASE do consider becoming actively involved in getting this cumulative toxic poison known for what it is, classified as such, and then removed from the human food chain! Help Spread the word!

(6/1/97) Something to go with the latest letter/Email to the FDA... a list of QUESTIONS that needs to answered... truthfully. I doubt that this will ever happen, despite the fact this list is supposed to be forwarded by a Congressman! As yet, the FDA has NOT answered the recall letter delivered by postal and electronic means in April, 1997! Really! What should we the public expect from highly-paid public servants... "service"?

(11/11/97) Mission Possible has opened a Aviation Division to help encompass the complete range of aspartame victims. The aviators menu is now open to the public.