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From: Betty Martini (

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                                         October 27, 1997

Ms. Jane F. Garvey, Administrator
Federal Aviation Administration
800 Independence Avenue, S. W.
Washington, D..C. 20591

                                         Re:  Greatest Hazard To Safety
                                              In Aviation History

Dear Ms. Garvey:

I understand you took office in August, so I do not know how aware you are
of the issue of aspartame (marketed as NutraSweet, Equal, Spoonful and who
knows since the patent expired). I invite you to visit the web sites
listed below my signature and acquaint yourself with the deadly effects of
this neurotoxin.

As I understand it, the FAA regulates and oversees aviation safety and
security and operates the world's largest air traffic control system.
Could you imagine in your wildest dreams handing a pilot several
neurotoxin pills before he boards a plane, and then offer him a few swigs
of wood alcohol?  But in effect that is what is happening today by the use
of aspartame.

The U.S. Air Force as well as the U.S. Navy warned their pilots off
aspartame in their journals.  From FLYING SAFETY, MAY, l992: (USAF)

   "In pregnancy the effects of aspartame can be passed directly
    on to the fetus, even in very small doses.  Some people have
    suffered aspartame related disorders with doses as small as
    that carried in a single stick of chewing gum.  This could mean
    a pilot who drinks diet sodas is more susceptible to flicker
    vertigo, or to flicker-induced epileptic activity.  It also
    means that all pilots are potential victims of sudden memory
    loss, dizziness during instrument flight and gradual loss of

Should a pilot be given a drug that can cause him to have grand mal
seizures, vertigo, lose his sight and forget what he is doing?  And this
is a drug, with biologic effects including changing brain chemistry.  The
original manufacturer actually had a drug application that was withdrawn
when they decided to market this toxin as an additive.  In this way there
would not have to be safety monitoring.

Aspartame destroys the brain, the central nervous system and the optic
nerve, and ravages every organ in the body.  It causes an irregular heart
rhythm, and doctors not realizing that aspartame is a drug, medicate the
patient and the drugs interact.  I'll send you Dr. H. J. Roberts (world
expert on NutraSweet(R)) position paper which explains the serious
problems that arise, and the sudden deaths.  One pilot complaining of this
problem found out another pilot using NutraSweet(R) had the same cardiac
symptoms and died!

I will enclose by email the eye file from different doctors so you will
realize that people are going blind, getting retinal detachments and
losing their vision from aspartame.  As I understand, a pilot has to have
20/20 vision!!!  And I can tell you that we have received so many
complaints from pilots stating that it blurred their vision.

Aspartame is a drug that breaks down into a witches brew of toxins.  It is
a molecule composed of three components:  aspartic acid, phenylalanine and
methanol.  Once ingested the methanol, wood alcohol that has killed or
blinded thousands of skid row drunks, converts into formaldehyde and
formic acid (ant sting poison).  It causes metabolic acidosis.  Aspartic
acid and phenylalanine are two of the three amino acids that cannot be
isolated from the other amino acids in protein, go past the blood brain
barrier and deteriorate the neurons of the brain.  The phenylalanine which
is genetically engineered breaks down into diketopiperazine, a brain tumor

How bad is it?  So bad that according to Dr. H. J. Roberts who wrote
DEFENSE AGAINST ALZHEIMERS DISEASE, it is escalating and triggering this
20th century disease, now the 4th leading cause of death.  One hospice
nurse said that 30 year olds are being admitted with Alzheimers.  Jack
Thomas who use to write for one of our Governors not only could not write
while using aspartame but his wife had to introduce him to his relatives.
Joyce Wilson who went blind on aspartame was misdiagnosed as having MS as
it destroyed her central nervous system.  When she died she was like an
Alzheimer with no memory.  This is HOW BAD IT IS!

But it gets worse, when Joyce Wilson first went blind aspartame was in
only a few hundred products.  Today its in 9000 and climbing, and in 100
countries of the world.  People are getting sick quicker, and we actually
had to set up a death file.

On Dec 31 HARDCOPY interviewed two pilots.  Haynes Dunn who flew for
Continental told how he had a grand mal seizure in flight on aspartame.
Another pilot told how he completely blacked out.  Ms. Garvey, what if
both of these pilots had been flying the same plane at the same time.
Would anyone have survived?

I called Haynes Dunn and his wife told me that Continental had fired him
after 19 years of service.  He had immediately been grounded after his
seizure (regardless of the fact seizures usually stop when aspartame is
withdrawn) but had worked on the ground. When he told his story to the
public Continental came up with some excuse and let him go.  Think of what
the unsuspecting pilot goes through.  First his health and then his entire
occupation to which he had dedicated his life.  And what about the safety
of flight crew and passengers?

I attended the Conference of the American College of Physicians with Dr.
H. J. Roberts a couple of years ago.  You can imagine the first question
explained.  The professor said: "But isn't this in rare cases of
phenylketonuria (people who cannot metabolize phenylalanine)?"  I
explained with 50% phenylalanine it floods the brain, and lowers the
seizure threshold.  When I explained the complaints of pilots another
doctor raised his hand (also a pilot) to confirm what I had said.  He
said: "I have a friend who uses aspartame, has grand mal seizures, flys a
commercial airliner, and I have to report him."

No pilot wants to lose his career, so he is not quick to report the
problems.  I've even read on listservers where they memorize the eye
chart. One pilot who wishes to remain anonymous admitted to a crash
because he couldn't make a decision on aspartame.  Dr. Roberts tells of
talking to someone in Air Traffic Control drinking a Diet Coke who
couldn't remember who he was or where he was.

The original studies on aspartame were the target of an indictment for
fraud that was never carried out when two U.S. Prosecutors went to work
for the law firm defending the case, and let the statute of limitations
expire.  When the District Attorney goes to work for the Godfather expect

So what has the FAA been doing all these years about the situation?
Absolutely NOTHING that I know of.  With the greatest threat against air
safety the FAA has copped out with this excuse: "We can't do a thing until
the FDA does something."  When we recently sent out packets to the
airlines I called the FAA in Atlanta and got this excuse: "We have to ask
Washington before we can give you a position?"  Of course, they never got
back in touch.

If you knew arsenic was in certain drinks would you warn the person about
to consume the potion or say: "But the manufacturer says its safe?"  But
if you know its not safe you cannot refuse to warn the consumer.
Aspartame is like arsenic to the pilot.  Methanol is a cumulative poison
and we call it the death of a thousand six packs.

Cases flood in daily of the sick and dying on aspartame.  The
FDA themselves list 92 documented symptoms from coma and blindness to
seizures and death.

Senator Howard Metzenbaum told Dr. David Kessler  aspartame should
never have been approved and that the case should be reopened.  Instead
showing his ultimate loyalty to Monsanto Chemical Company, he gave blanket
approval to this deadly neurotoxin in June, l996 (with an allowable daily
intake - although set for rats, not humans) and jumped ship.

Ms. Garvey, right now we are doing the job of the FAA.  Mission Possible
is a worldwide volunteer force with operations in many countries doing
NOTHING but warning every consumer off aspartame, and taking case
histories.  We have someone fly packets around the world to Air Traffic
Controls to warn pilots.  We send out information to airlines and pilots.

Is is too much to ask that the FAA have as much concern for the safety of
passengers and crew as volunteer activists the world over?  Why do we
have to do this because the FAA has never had the courage or fortitude to
petition the FDA or go against them.  If the FAA is there to promote
aviation safety how can they ignore the greatest hazard that has already
cost pilots their career and health, and may have been responsible for
many crashes? Frankly, if the FDA has so much loyalty to Monsanto that
they do not care about the lives of the people, than disregard them and
warn the pilots anyway.  If the FAA does not have enough power to
safeguard pilots and passengers, then we need a new agency of the
government that does. I realize this issue may be new to you but this has
been the history of the FAA - they have refused to act.

We have petitioned the FDA to recall aspartame from the worldwide market
and we have notified Attorney General Janet Reno to do a complete
investigation.  Between what I will send you by email and by snail mail,
and what you find on the web sites, you will see all the evidence you need
to understand that aspartame is one of the most deadliest toxins in our
society because of its ubiquitous presence in thousands of foods and
products.  The best way to understand NutraSweet is to think of it as a
minute dose of nerve gas that eradicates brain and nerve functions.

General Aviation News wrote an excellent article some years ago, and I'm
sending you a copy of my note to them.

Actually, you only have two choices in this matter.  You can ignore my
letter or send me an excuse if the FAA doesn't have the power and courage,
and concern for the lives of pilots, crew and passengers to go against the
FDA and industry.  In that case Mission Possible will have to continue to
do the job that the FAA refuses - warn pilots.  Or Jane Garvey, you can
make national history by being as outraged as we are, and taking my hand
to join our HANDS AROUND THE WORLD campaign for air safety and life for
pilots and all consumers.

In this issue, there are only two sides - for air safety or against it.
What is your answer - an excuse or courage?



Mrs. Betty Martini, Founder
770 242-2599

P.S.  Also below my signature is a NOTMILK site that has a new book that
exposes the FDA and Monsanto.  You will then understand how they operate!
Mission Possible International
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